Disciple and Psiioniic porn because I have needs okay

It’s a stupid cliche, actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t cross her mind at first, too worried and caught up in the moment. In his pain and his denial, in her own worry and guilt. She’s all words right now, pleading whispers and soft shushes as he tries to fly away from her. Tries to deny this as the impossibility it is.

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Your helmsman is completely in your power.

You are fully aware of that.  You are always fully aware of your power, and all the endless things that fall under it; your ship, your fleet, your planets, your people, your empire.

Your helmsman is completely in your power.

But you can’t reach him.

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I’m dragging this out from the depths of my blog to reblog it again because I LOVE LOVE INFINITY LOVE THIS FUCKING FIC

It is one of my most favorite Psiioniic/Helmsman fics of all time where he manages to wrestle away some vindication and power for himself even in the shittiest of situations even if he is running on pure fucking spite and assholery